Germ Cell Reveal Reunion Special, 2019

Reading and performance at Gymnasium as a part of the exhibition and reading room Taking Pictures Around a Campfire, curated and organized by Katie Giritlian

10 minutes

The script for this performance is a collage of four different written texts: a scientific article about the development of sex, a transcript of a podcast episode about gonads, a transcript of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians Ten Year Anniversary Special episode, and a transcript of one of the first gender reveal videos posted on YouTube. The performer reads from five different locations, each taped on the floor and representing one of the texts (KUWTK has two locations- one for the producer and Ryan Seacrest and one for Kris Jenner and the family). The reading is organized around the 7 headings of the article Cell fate commitment during mammalian sex determination, written by Yi-Tzu Lin and Blanche Capel.